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Head Teacher’s Message

Welcome! I am delighted that you have made your way to our small Church of England School website.

Our school team ensure all of our pupils are valued, respected and cared for through our church school vision and Christian values of compassion, respect, friendship, courage, thankfulness and justice. We hope you enjoy looking through our website and finding out all about our school community.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to arrange an appointment to visit.

Mrs Rachel Clasper (Head Teacher) 


Welcome Message (Chair of Governors)

I am delighted to welcome you to the Ebchester CE Primary School website.

As a small, Church of England school, Ebchester CE Primary  is a very special place and I hope through the pages of this website you will get a real understanding of the school vision. As Governors, we are proud to be part of the local community and are fully committed to working with Mrs Clasper and her staff, the children and the parents to ensure that we keep encouraging our pupils to respect and care for each other, and become responsible citizens.

Part of our role as a Governing Body is to set the vision and strategic direction of the school and, to achieve this, we have to work with the school leadership team to identify where the school needs to improve to ensure your child receives the best possible education they can in a safe, nurturing and compassionate environment.

Our Governing Body consists of a diverse group of people from different walks of life, including parents. The different skill set each governor brings allows us to effectively support and challenge the leadership team as a ‘critical friend’. This is all with the aim of improving all aspects of school life, including raising attainments and achievement and ensuring your child’s needs are carefully met.

I have been a Governor at Ebchester CE Primary School for 35 years and in this time, the school has changed greatly. OFSTED rates the school as ‘Good’ and, as a caring school, the entire team work hard to give every child the best possible experience and education. As such, I am extremely proud to be part of the team and I know my fellow Governors feel the same way.

Thank you for reading this welcome and please do check out our extensive website for much more detailed information about the school.

Best wishes,

Geoff Gibson – Chair of Governors

Welcome Message (Bishop’s Letter)

A message from Bishop Paul Butler

It has been my privilege over many years to visit schools in many different places. This has been across England but also in some of the very poorest countries in the world, like Rwanda, Burundi and Uganda. It does not matter where I see schools at work, I am always impressed by the dedication of teachers and the longing of parents to want the very best for their children. As a parent I know you want the very best for your child. The Church of England is engaged in schools because it too wants the very best for every child. Every child matters because every child is special. Naturally they are special to you, their parent or carer, and to grandparents. They are also very special to the school. This is particularly true for us in church schools because of what we believe about the value God places on every child. Jesus’ friends were arguing one day about who was the greatest in God’s kingdom. Jesus took a small child, stood him or her amongst the group and told all the adults that unless they became like this child they could never enter God’s kingdom. I often wonder just how very special that child felt that day. We want that sense of being loved, accepted and valued to be at the very heart of our schools, and of your child’s education.

Education matters because it provides building blocks for life now and into the future. We seek to offer the very best education we can in every school. This is not simply about the important matters of reading, writing, numbers and the like. It is also about the values by which we behave, and the kind of people we want to be. We believe our church schools offer great all round education for every child. I love being able to visit schools and meet children. They are always enthusiastic, welcoming and brilliant at asking tough questions. Their zeal for learning is inspiring. So welcome to one of our wonderful church schools. I trust your child will find they grow and develop well throughout their time here.


Bishop Paul Butler

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